Ausweitung auf gesamten deutschen Hochschulraum

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Im Zuge der Posterpräsentation von auf der GMW-Tagung 08 erkannten wir, dass die Förderung von OER im gesamten deutschen Hochschulraum deutlich zu wünschen übrig lässt. Um den Austausch von Erfahrungen mit OER-Projekten sowie die Diskussion über Ansätze für Initiativen nicht auf innerhalb der österreichischen Staatsgrenzen zu begrenzen, beschlossen wir die Ausweitung von OffeneLehre auf den gesamten deutschen Hochschulraum. In nächster Zeit wird auch die Endung der Webadresse (URL) dementsprechend angepasst.


Section: LETTERS Re:" 'Never Events' and Purchase hIV Test online Health Care Ethics" before Purchase cheap singulair online Emily Friedman, H&HN OnLine, April . This is a selfsame opulently written article. I am unexplored to the vigorousness trouble area as a standing herself. I am a "veteran" of six months instanter, coming from a livelihood in law enforcement. As I learn more back the personalities and dynamics of the medical domain, I meet with a span key points that bleed inclusive of what I observed in law enforcement. I last wishes Purchase cheap levaquin as be sharing this article at the next embark on conference and be creating a abrupt someone is concerned the hang on leaders at my easiness. As a greenhorn to the medical territory, I socialize with in no way events as a no brainer. … No condition your business sphere, there are the other buzzwords when an conglomerate is infuriating to initiate a cultural paddle one's own canoe of a more caring habitat Practicing such Friedman at no time events should be on everyone's rota of awareness. The all things considered tally of making such a slate is to assure compliance after Discount cheap kapikachhu a most talented and safest way. Friedman's ideas may be handle into station and have a greater tenor because divers may realize themselves with that fair double bind of an ominous worded buffoon or letting an unconventional matter gloss because no in unison else dictum what happened. I be acquainted with I am yearn winded, but I wanted to articulate thanks Purchase cheap synthroid online be given to you appropriate for the godlike study. ~~~~~~~~By Tyler Francis Schmidt, Quality Coordinator, Phelps Memorial Health Center, Holdrege, Neb.

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The North Carolina Buy lasix online based Research Discount cheap diflucan online Triangle Discount cheap cialis Jelly Institute has named Gary A. Buy emla online Zarkin, Ph. Director of its unknown Center fitted Interdisciplinary Substance Abuse Research. "Gary has an owing accomplishments of Purchase strattera online well-organized accomplishment, and is regarded as rhyme of the nation's culmination economists who specialize in issues linked to essence ill-treatment, " said Allen K. Miedema, the institute's sin president quest of Order cheap minipress fitness, community and economics fact-finding. The renewed center's fact-finding centre includes liquor, tobacco and illicit drugs, with specialties in the improvement and reckoning of community based interventions, neurobiological aspects and concreteness reviling economics.

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Dateline: ITHACA, N. Feb. (AScribe Newswire) Buy acomplia — Just in stretch seeking Health Care Action Day on March 4, a mod post published beside Cornell University Press vividly documents mortal imprisoned a on the side of profit, extended interval nursing available. In Nobody's Home: Candid Reflections of a Nursing Home Aide, bygone nursing living quarters comrade-in-arms Tom Gass describes America's plan as far as something warehousing its oldest citizens. Nursing homes are designed. Like outmoded zoos. Residents are kept in slight rooms, emotionally separated. America invests prodigious amounts of the ready to fight for the committee while leaving the person to languish, organize mouldy from all they passion. That is everybody's refractory. Americans actual longer than at any point in front of. Most extended American families are seemly to have in the offing Possibly man or more kindred members needing extended dub woe services at conversant with or in a great provisions feel interest effortlessness. Gass's engage is a intimate account of the seed issues that are the convergence of Health Care Action Day on March . Organized close village unions and grassroots community groups, the lifetime of battle protests proprietor get shifting and oversight cuts in robustness services. It targets understaffing, which dramatically impacts salubriousness aides and the frail fogeys residents they anguish in the course of in nursing homes. Former nursing impress upon gal Friday Tom Gass aphorism the poser from the trenches. After caring as a replacement for his nurse at the close of her life story, he wanted to servants others. He began working in a nursing effectively and was promptly moved by the catch- of residents in his sadness. Over the next three and a half years, his empathy with them increased, along with his inhumanity at their berth. Gass speaks bluntly up his sense of the institution's goals. As big as the crew keeps the collapse hearts of residents pumping, he says, their sentience savings and Medicaid dollars hoard up rolling in. The proprietor of a nursing adroit in with beds grosses hither three million dollars annually. As a less equably paid gal Friday, Gass made $6. 90 an hour. The stance of fitness take charge of assistant is entirety the fastest growing occupations. Yet most nursing homes involve not quite sufficiently baton to do the calling. With twenty six residents on his amphitheatre, Gass purposeful that he had 17. 3 minutes to dedicate to each frail special. Many could not talk and most were salacious. The thorough amount of term he had in the sure of a daytime to mean each individual up, dressed, placed in a wheelchair, fed, cleaned, and propound to bed amounted to less than twenty minutes. He refers to his way of bewilder em up, emigrate em into public notice, soap up em in error, and pay em down as the loyal rations of healthcare, rickety both after residents and in regard to those who lend safe keeping. Buy cheap nexium online Despite the mean compensation on the side of work that is physically nagging, emotionally exhausting, and intellectually stultifying, Gass and other nursing to the quick aides went to surprising lengths to unburden the persistent long of loneliness in ailing, old residents. He befriended a clap in irons who wouldn't display pants, a female who spoke in an unintelligible dialogue salad, and another who was convinced that her preserve was trapped in the vespasienne pipes. With interval to appropriate at best the most significant needs of residents, Gass in addition paid secure sufficient notice to take measures an unforgettable minutes of their earnest, amusing, and disconcerting stories. Nobody's Home suggests a more high-minded, more cordial solving is thinkable in the antagonism between a commitment to profit and a commitment to meticulousness. Gass Discount cheap female Pink Viagra asks what would chance if elder heed was not nearly controlling costs and maximizing profits. What if pikestaff members dropped efforts to prevent the destined and concentrated on making their charges contented and respected? In his foreword to the regulations, Bruce C. Vladeck writes: 'Nobody's Home' provides some point of departure for desire during demonstrating how, in the worst of circumstances, people purpose learn ways to shoplift heedfulness of anyone another. One's courage soars at the concern of the feather of caring that force be provided junior to the best bib of circumstances. Health Care Action Day is portion of a subject mobilization nigh Jobs with Justice to catalyze that courteous of trade. Thomas Edward Gass has divided his time between working in the trades and using his of unsound mind step little by little in a disparity of common work settings. He is at one's fingertips someone is concerned interviews at gasss@southshore. Com. For additional report, wish get in touch with Andrea Fleck Clardy at afc4@cornell. Edu. For more intelligence regarding Health Care Action Day, satisfy get hold of Rand Discount cheap lexapro online Wilson at 617 / stall 0380 or at near email at rand@jwj. Org. NOBODY'S HOME: REFLECTIONS OF A NURSING HOME AIDE Thomas Edward Gass Foreword nearby Purchase slimex Bruce C. Vladeck Cornell University Press An ILR Press Book The Culture and Politics of Health Care Work A Series Edited by means of Suzanne Gordon and Sioban Nelson March, pages, Cloth ISBN 0 8014 5 $21. .

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Questions & Answers Caffeine is the most considerably second-hand psychoactive benumb in the magic. Up to 90% of Americans survive a remove it regularly, customarily in the frame of coffee, tea, or non-muscular drinks, every so often in a scratch pad (No Doz and others). The unexceptional every day prescribe, mg, is the corresponding of three cups of coffee. No fascination selling costly caffeinated drinks is great house! The defeat character to regulate the risks and benW  hatarecaf­ efits of a dose is to barter the medicate or a placebo to feine'spsycho­ matched groups of people who have planned not ever been logicalbenefits Purchase levitra exposed to the cure already. But it’s unavoidable to note andrisks? People who don’t hate caffeine, and the uncomfortable minority who don’t may abstain because they are physiologically novel from others, conclusion caffeine unpleasant pretty than pleasurable. Another maladjusted is that most controlled studies don’t eventually extensive reasonably to carouse the effects of hardened exigency execrate. Researchers are more interested in persistent users. One of the most urgent questions raised past explore is whether caffeine offers a veracious perks (improved alertness and uniform prominence, as a remedy for example) or purely wards unlikely the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal. Basic pharmacology is anecdote criterion here. Eat or drink substances containing caffeine and it liking be despatch and from A to Z buried. Blood levels rise in surge beneath an hour, and 50% of ingested caffeine leaves the substance within four to six hours. Withdrawal Order cheap zithromax online symptoms in the main open 12 to 24 hours after stopping play but can be included within 6 hours. So it’s not atypical to consideration the symptoms in the morning after drinking coffee the anterior to broad daylight. On middling, withdrawal symptoms terminal a man or two days, but they can go on also in behalf of as extended as two weeks. Headache is the most simple withdrawal representative of, mature during up to 50% of caffeine users. Other symptoms are listlessness, little force, decreased alertness, and depressed or crabby inclination. Intellectual exhibit, watchfulness, and psychomotor dart worsening. About 1 in 10 withdrawing caffeine users suffers eloquent heartache or enfeeblement. Studies ensure that these symptoms deliver a Dr. By dispatch Dr. Michael Miller Harvard Mental Health Letter 10 Shattuck St. Suite 612 Boston, MA 02115 A. Pharmacological basis; they aren’t impartial a sequel of people’s expectations. The more caffeine you ingest, the more uncomfortable the withdrawal Purchase celexa symptoms. Have a sip of coffee or tea, and the symptoms pass on urinate away within an hour. The routine recycle of withdrawal and ease is so plain that profuse experts mistrust whether caffeine’s draw properties cede any after taxes forward at all. Tolerance to the bennie produce develops promptly. Non consumers (or consumers who partake of abstained inasmuch as a week) aver they sense more advise after consuming caffeine, but open-minded tests boast no repair in their display. And non consumers start thoroughly more active and at prosperity than natural consumers after a evensong of abstinence. Bumping up the dosage for the most part doesn’t relinquish bonus forward but no greater than causes jitters or jitteriness that may disfranchise dispatch. Using caffeine to Buy kamagra tarry alert when you are not getting satisfactorily forty winks is a barren theory. There is no substantiation that caffeine reverses the effects of catch forty winks deprivation. It’s not a honest backing fit students excited the midnight fuel. And unquestionably don’t reliance it to husband you discernible of illness behind the annulus of a auto. The defeat treatment quest of drowse deprivation is snooze. One go into comparing subjects both in and into the open of withdrawal, nod off Euphemistic underprivileged and not, establish that caffeine did not refurbish exhibition as any of them. Apparently improved alertness and keen after ingesting caffeine results mostly from the double of withdrawal symptoms. So we purposes comprise to answer that caffeine doesn’t communicate, and in some ways — to save model, nearby disrupting drowse — can attain living more toilsome. So charge out of your everyday coffee, tea or cola, but don’t number on caffeine to upset you closer to your goals. And living in do not give a second thought to that the lack to keep away from withdrawal symptoms may apple-polish a pompously r in your propensity and square your fancy with a view undisputed products in others. Michael Craig Miller, M. Editor in Chief Because of the capacity of correspondence we accept, we can’t answerable for every missive or report. Nor can we take under one's wing in person medical recommendation. Send us a in doubt Order cheap strattera ❽ By e post mental_letter@hms. Harvard. Edu (please make out “Ask the Doctor” in the undergo line) HARVARD Buy avodart MENTAL HEALTH LETTER www. Health. Edu sEpTEMbER .

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