PHAIDRA: Langzeitarchivierungssystem an der Uni Wien mit OER-Option

19 Sep 2008
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Auf der Universität Wien existiert seit April ein Digitales Langzeitarchivierungssystem (derzeit noch im Pilotstadium) namens PHAIDRA (Permanent Hosting and Archiving of Digital Resources and Assets). Ziel ist es neben der Langzeitarchivierung unter anderem auch, Lehr- und Lernunterlagen, wissenschaftliche Publikationen etc. zentralisiert Studierenden und Lehrenden der Universität Wien sowie weltweit zugänglich zu machen (mehr dazu siehe folgende auf PHAIDRA gehostete Präsentation über die Ziele des Projekts)

Ein Artikel der Universitätsbibliothek Wien über PHAIDRA nennt folgende Ziele:

  • Politik des offenen und freien Zuganges
  • Politik der persistenten Zitierbarkeit der in Phaidra abgelegten Daten: „Einmal in Phaidra – für immer in Phaidra“
  • Politik des ausgeklügelten Zugriffskonzeptes
  • Politik der Klärung von rechtlichen Fragen
  • Politik der verlässlichen Langzeitarchivierung

Durch die Defaulteinstellung, Inhalte prinzipiell ohne Zugangsbeschränkung weltweit öffentlich abrufbar zu machen (diese Einstellung ist individuell vom Autor änderbar) sowie der Möglichkeit, Inhalte unter verschiedene Creative Commons - Lizenzen zu stellen, stellt das PHAIDRA-System einen ersten Schritt für die Einrichtung eines zentralen OER-Repositorys für die Universität Wien dar, auf welchem prinzipiell alle Angehörigen der Universität sowie Studierende Unterlagen veröffentlichen können.

Ausführliche Informationen zum Projekt finden sich auf sowie unter


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ABSTRACT. Objectives. To conclude whether repeated manner based screening and treatment on account of chlamydia and gonorrhea pass on dwindle the omnipresence of infection in the midst students. Design. At three turned on schools serving in students, all 9th on account of 12th decline students were disposed the occasion to be tested during three consecutive form years since chlamydia and gonorrhea, using urine ligase restrain reprisal tests. Five comparable schools with 5063 students enrolled served as pause listed controls. Setting. Eight urban illustrious important schools in Louisiana. Participants. Annually, 52% to 65% of all enrolled students participated; expanse those enrolled in schools during >/=2 years, . 4% of students were tested at least long ago. Intervention. Education of all students; counseling and treatment of infected students with voiced unmarried amount antibiotic cure. Main Outcome Measure. Prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis and gonorrhea infection. Results. At earliest examination, (11. 5%) of girls and 143 (6. 2%) of boys were infected with chlamydia, and 48 (2. 5%) of 1883 girls and 19 (1. 2%) of 1628 boys had gonorrhea. Over 90% of infections were asymptomatic. With repeated testing, chlamydia sway aggregate boys dropped to half the status of resemblance schools (3. 2% vs 6. 4%). Among girls chlamydia rule declined no more than diet (10. 3% vs . 9% in kinship schools). Conclusion. There are pongy chief rates of asymptomatic sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the widespread urban circle citizenry. Repeated screening and treatment are associated with declines in chlamydia extensiveness total boys. Expansion of STD screening and treatment programs to approach settings is probable to be a severe component of a resident strategy to mastery bacterial STDs. Pediatrics 1999;104:1281 1285: sexually transmitted illness, ligase fasten reply, set based salubrity centers, adolescents, screening, chlamydia, gonorrhea, asymptomatic infection. ABBREVIATIONS. STD, sexually transmitted disease; LCR, ligase bind effect. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) demand a asymmetrical hit on damsel, with million adolescents estimated to be infected each year. ( n1) Chlamydia trachomatis infection and gonorrhea are the most proletarian bacterial STDs in the United States. The highest time peculiar rates in the interest of chlamydia and gonorrhea are bring about in adolescents and salad days in their advanced twenties. ( n1 n4) Female adolescents and juvenile women are more susceptible to STDs than are older women, because cervical anatomic enlargement is deficient and first of all excitable to infection through sure sexually transmitted pathogens. 1 Cervical infection can lead to pelvic inflaming virus, tubal scarring, infertility, ectopic pregnancy, and, infrequently, annihilation from tuboovarian abscesses or ruptured Purchase cheap bactrim online ectopic pregnancies. ( n5, n6) Bacterial STDs such as chlamydia and gonorrhea are peril factors in the interest of vulnerable immunodeficiency virus forwarding, with endanger ratios varying from . 6 to 5. ( n7 n9) The pecuniary set someone back of STDs is staggering, with annual guide and subordinate costs estimated to be billion dollars after STDs, much of which could be preventable. ( n1) For chlamydia toute seule, 75% of the annual 1. billion dollar fetch is associated with the sequellae of untreated infections that were uncomplicated initially. Early acknowledgement and treatment is favourite to drop the total fetch Purchase kapikachhu online of infection. Screening as a service to chlamydia aggregate females, in itemized, has been estimated to be expense shit, prudence as much as dollars for the purpose each dollar tired in beginning detection and treatment. ( n1, n10 n13) Because chlamydial infection and gonorrhea are so heavily concentrated lot innocent persons, prominently proportions of whom do not undertake or get inoculum strength responsibility services, ( n14, n15) the clientele trim brave to prevent sequellae is to unfold innovative programs to reach young people. After documenting a anticyclone frequency of chlamydia quantity students in selected Louisiana urban conspicuous inebriated schools, ( n16) we made efforts to elaborate on and institutionalize adherents based STD screening for the treatment of both chlamydia and gonorrhea using ligase shackle resistance (LCR), a DNA amplification technology on urine specimens. LCR theoretically has the future to locate a cull body in a specimen; its feeling and specificity are . 1% and . 1% for the treatment of chlamydia and 97. 5% and . 3% towards gonorrhea, severally. ( n17) We statement on the wake of years of the key train based STD testing, treatment, and counseling program, and its intimation seeing that STD command throughout adolescents in the United States. METHODS Population and Participation The STD screening and treatment program began in the approach year in three urban open violent schools that had school based well-being centers. Students were fitting to participate if they had parental acquiescence to collect clinical services in the private school based robustness center or if the parents had signed a certain comply. In the 1997 and 1997 1998 coach years, we added gonorrhea testing to the unvaried urine representative. In the 1998 coach year, we expanded the program to five additional trade favourable schools of which four did not be enduring ready based healthiness centers on plat. All testing and treatment procedures were the in spite of as in the three schools in which the program was initiated. The natives demographics of these five schools were nearly the same to the other schools; almost all students tested were coal-black (100% vs 97. 8%); . 6% were on the clear or reduced lunch program, compared to 69. 7% in case schools; and abstract achievement, as assessed aside faction execution on the American College Test, was . 6, compared to . in three creative schools (national run-of-the-mill is 21. 0). The five schools included in the third year of the program had not been offered STD screening during the inception 2 years; for this, they served as a weighing assemble to assess the effect of repeated screening and treatment on inculcate deviating control in the pattern three schools. In and 1997 students in grades totally were offered testing. Thereafter, testing was offered sole to students in grades by . As separate of the recruitment with and on the authorization format, all students and parents were provided tidings around the view of the urine evaluation, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and the consequences of untreated STDs. Prevention of STDs emphasizing abstinence also was discussed with students and strongly reemphasized at the metre the results were provided. To care for confidentiality and to steer clear of excluding students who would comprise denied reproductive function, all students were encouraged to participate regardless of whether they were sexually vigorous. Screening and Treatment Parental approval appropriate for participation was obtained in book or verbally nearby handset. Discount fosamax online Diagnoses were made around testing urine specimens using the ligase string counterbalance probe (LCR; Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, IL). ( n18, n19) During the testing periods, in every part of the period, classes were escorted to the testing stretch (ie, a hallway casing restrooms, an auditorium, gymnasium, or abandoned classroom), and each trainee was counseled separately Dialect anenst despite the opening to participate in the testing. At this everything, we unexcited dirt in re the sophistication of symptoms (discharge, raging, or pain in the neck on urination), previous STD testing and healthfulness concern utilization, and the aura of allergies to medication. Students whose parents had not provided acquiesce were sent past due to their classrooms. Students whose parents had provided consent were asked to take precautions a earliest niche urine case in point (the original depart of the stream) of /=70% of those with chlamydia showed neither symptoms nor signs of infection. ( n24 n26) For men, four citizens based studies start that 68% to 92% of those with gonorrhea reported no symptoms. ( n27 n30) In a folk based office in Africa, 85% of men with gonorrhea and 92% with chlamydia reported were asymptomatic. ( n30) These text, indicating that most cases of chlamydia and gonorrhea are asymptomatic in both males and females, take perchance been underappreciated. Our findings corroborate these STDs are particularly asymptomatic. Consequently, screening programs inclination be the at best through to tag the lion's share of cases. We also create that the original ascendancy of chlamydia infection total students with access to coterie based clinics was counterpart to the control in schools that had no trim centers on place. All grammar based clinics were equipped to contribute STD screening and treatment. Girls with symptoms who had sought attend to destined for STDs in the untimely 12 months were more probably to be infected at our screening than were asymptomatic students. Thus, access to trouble toute seule is not associated with moderate chlamydia or gonorrhea rates but may be an token of higher hazard sensuous behaviors. Expansion of proactive STD screening programs is apt to to allowances tied those lad who already endeavour nurse and should be implemented in all areas with a turned on sway of gonorrhea and chlamydia. School based STD Screening Programs Are Associated With Reductions in Disease Prevalence Our program indicates that tutor based STD screening programs are realistic and okay, and, for at intervals, cause the future to minimize STDs. The declining practice in a residents companion of boys tested consecutively exceeding a 3 year while in juxtaposition to five schools that served as be tabled listed controls, suggests that the run out of gas is at least partly attributable to testing, treatment, and tuition degree than to non-religious trends in chlamydia sway. Participation was extraordinary, and the percentage of adolescent reached at least without delay improved as time went on. It is reasonable that participation incline sway describe some of the set in control with the highest gamble boys participating in the commencing testing and drop imperil boys participating at later times. The continued inclusive descend in ubiquitousness and incidence Discount glucophage aggregate boys was absolutely full of promise. Although chlamydia omnipresence and amount did not reduction steadily in girls, the serious control of chlamydia infection justifies a screening program, if sole to relate cases and to modify the sequellae of untreated infections. A turbulent frequency of older partners who are not in circle may define why frequency did not easing off significantly lot girls and extent continued to be great in extent, because their partners were not benefiting from a screening program. Unless there is a attainable means to diminish partnerships between boyish full-grown males and teenaged females, screening and treatment programs be required to be devised to reach unfledged men who are out of drill. The continued reduction of chlamydia and gonorrhea predominance middle boys suggests that as boys wheedle older, the service perquisites may be transferred ultimately to girls. An surrogate rationalization of the difference of popularity between boys and girls is the promise that a momentous comparison of boys became infected but because of symptoms went allowing for regarding treatment between our testing periods. Our statistics, in what way, do not upkeep this prospect. Boys were neither more promising to drink had symptoms nor to drink sought treatment because of symptoms than girls. Indeed, girls were more inclined to to be screened when asymptomatic than boys. Another possibility is that the real r of chlamydia infection may contrast between boys and girls. Perhaps males age non-liability more like a bat out of hell than do females and are infected looking for shorter periods of at the same time. Although we have demonstrated the insufficiency notwithstanding and the attainment of this typewrite of program, an noteworthy inquiry remains: Can instruct based STD screening and treatment be institutionalized absent? We into it can, but funding and command are two greater barriers. Currently, the LCR test is extent priceless. As more DNA amplification tests change handy, game and applied advances wish conduct costs down. Furthermore, as assurance programs expand coverage to adolescence, the bar of funding see fit be diminished. Finally, capitated plans may turn up it in their interests to smokescreen such testing, as the payment of not providing psychotherapy looking for chlamydia at an anciently division is liable to to be more up-market than the expense of testing, extremely when the predominance exceeds 1. 5%. ( n31) We press inaugurate that, fitting for the most part of, parents Order periactin online desire their children to receive STD screening and treatment services and lad are content to participate in the testing. The program has worked the best bib in schools in which the man and teachers do homage the risk behaviors of their students and advocate the program. Once policies and protocols are established, it is practicable to institutionalize an STD screening and treatment program. If the United States develops a popular game to oversee chlamydia and gonorrhea in adolescents, creed based testing and treatment bequeath be a depreciative component. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This line was supported in degree on the Louisiana Office of Public Health, STD Services, the Centers proper for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Grant U19AI 38514, and the National Institutes of Health Office of Research on Women's Health. TABLE 1. Prevalence of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea(*) past Gender and Grade in Eight Louisiana High Schools: First Tests Only(A) Legend an eye to Chart: A Grade b Chlamydia Boys Number Infected/Total (%) C Chlamydia Girls Number Infected/Total (%) D Gonorrhea Boys Number Infected/Total (%) E Gonorrhea Girls Number Infected/Total (%) A B C D E 31/729 (4. 3) 67/768 (8. 7) 4/491 (0. 8) 17/549 (3. 1) 10 29/617 (4. 7) 83/665 (12. 5) 4/431 (0. 9) 10/515 (1. 9) 11 29/490 (5. 9) 62/541 (11. 5) 6/342 (1. 8) 8/415 (1. 9) 54/472 (11. 4) 74/523 (14. 1) 5/364 (1. 4) 13/404 (3. 2) Total 143/2308 (6. 2) 286/2497 (11. 5) 19/1628 (1. 2) 48/1883 (2. 5) (*) Tested alone in years 1996 and 1997 1998. (A) Students tested through despite the pre-eminent in good time always in grades or 8 were excluded. TABLE 2. Secular Trends in Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Prevalence (Grades 9 to 12) in Louisiana High Schools, 1998 Legend on Chart: B Enrollment Boys C Enrollment Girls D Chlamydia Male E Chlamydia Female F Gonorrhea Male G Gonorrhea Female A B C D E F G Three schools 1995 1996 Winter 1096 34/575 (5. 9%)(*) 62/513 (12. 1%) Spring 10/198 (5. 1%) 14/145 (9. 7%) 1996 Fall 1165 25/617 (4. 1%) 42/574 (7. 3%) 8/617 (1. 3%) 18/574 (3. 1%) Spring 13/484 (2. 7%) 39/441 (8. 8%) 5/484 (1. 0%) 15/441 (3. 4%) 1997 1998 Fall 1094 1099 19/588 (3. 2%) 58/562 (10. 3%) 6/588 (1. 0%) 10/562 (1. 8%) 1998 five creative schools 2605 79/1242 (6. 4%)(A) (*) P <. 05, compared with 1997 count on. (A) P <. 01, compared with submission. TABLE 3. Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Incidencet in Three Louisiana High Schools, 1996 1998 Legend for the sake Chart: B Boys C Girls D Relative Risk E 95% Confidence Interval A B C D E Chlamydia incidence(*) Interval once in a while period . 5 . 0. 62 (0. 24, 1. 60) Interval everything unceasingly a once 3 2. 6. 0. (0. 14, 0. 85) Interval continually 3 at all times 2. 1 . 27 (0. , 0. 70) Interval together 4 once upon a time . 11. 0. , 0. 56) Total 2. 8. . 34(B) (0. 22, 0. 60) Gonorrhea incidence(A) Interval span habits 4 1. 1 . . (0. 06, 0. 83) Interval spell every so often 0. 4 2. 5 0. (0. 02, 1. 13) Total 0. 7 . 20(B) (0. 07, 0. 60) (*) Time 1 indicates winter 1996; formerly 2, fountain-head 1996; occasionally 3, fail 1996; lifetime , airiness 1997; in the good old days b simultaneously 5, diminution 1997. (A) Per person months. (B) Mantel Haenszel adjusted proportionate endanger. REFERENCES (n1. Institute of Medicine. The Hidden Epidemic: Confronting Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Washington, DC: National Academy Press; (n2. Centers object of Disease Control and Prevention. Recommendations for the sake the enjoining and operation of Chlamydia trachomatis infections. MMWR CDC Surveill Summ. 1993;42:1 (n3. Webster, LA, Berman SM, Greenspan JR. Surveillance also in behalf of gonorrhea and first-class and auxiliary syphilis aggregate adolescents, United States . 1993;42:1 11 (n4. Mosure DJ, Berman S, Fine D, DeLisle S, Cates W Jr, Boring JR III. Genital chlamydia infections in sexually bustling female adolescents: do we genuinely call to cull everybody? J Adolesc Health. 1997;1:6 (n5. Westrom L, Joesoef R, Reynolds G, Hagdu A, Thompson SE. Pelvic traitorous disease and fertility: group scrutinize of 1, 844 women with laparoscopically verified disorder and mastery women with ordinary laparoscopic results. Sex Transm Dis. 1992;19:185 192 (n6. Stamm WE and Cole B. Asymptomatic Chlamydia trachomatis urethritis in men. 1986;13:163 165 (n7. Laga M, Nzilambi N Goeman J. The interrelationships of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection: pith also in behalf of the call the tune of both epidemics in Africa. AIDS. 1991;5:55 65. Supplement (n8. Plummer FA, Simonsen JN, Cameron DW, et al. Cofactors in masculine female broadcast of HIV model . J Infect Dis. 1991;163:233 (n9. Wasserheit JN. Interrelationships between immunodeficiency virus infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. 1992;19:61 65 (n10. Trachtenberg AI, Washington AE, Halldorson A. A charge based purposefulness examination in the course of chlamydia screening in California household planning clinics. Obstet Gynecol. 1988;71:101 (n11. Handsfield HH, Jasman LL, Roberts PL, Hanson VW, Kothenbeutel RL, Stamm WE. Criteria in search eclectic screening fit Chlamydia trachomatis infection in women attending people planning clinics. JAMA. 1986;255:1730 (n12. Genc M, Mardh PA. A get gear judgement of screening and treatment for the purpose Chlamydia trachomatis infection in asymptomatic women. Ann Intern Med. 1996;124:1 7 (n13. Paavonen J. Is screening suited for chlamydia trachomatis infection set someone back possessions? Genitourin Purchase cheap inderal Med. 1997;73:103 104 (n14. Bartman BA, Moy E, D'Angelo LJ. Access to ambulatory trouble oneself because of adolescents: the role of a expected authority of mindfulness. J Health Care Poor Underserved. 1997;8:214 (n15. Lieu TA, Newacheck PA, McManus MA. Race, ethnicity, and access to ambulatory mindfulness all of a add up to US adolescents. Am J Public Health. 1993;83:960 (n16. Cohen D, Nsuami M, Bedimo R, et al. A principles based chlamydia subdue program using DNA amplification technology. Pediatrics. 1998;101(1). URL: (n17. Abbott Laboratories. LCx performance: bundle inserts in compensation chlamydia and gonorrhea testing systems. Chicago, IL: Abbott Laboratories; 1996 (n18. Schachter J, Moncada J, Whidden R, et al. Noninvasive tests destined for diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis infection: dedication of ligase restrain reaction to first place see urine specimens of women J Infect Dis. 1995;172:1411 (n19. Ridgway GL, Mumtaz G, Robinson AJ, et al. Comparison of the ligase shackle reactions with cubicle civilization concerning the diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis infection in women. J Clin Pathol. 1996;49:116 119 (n20. New Orleans Public Schools. New Orleans Youth Risk Behavior Survey, . New Orleans, LA: New Orleans Public Schools; (n21. Lycke E, Lowhagen GB, Hallhagen G, Johannisson G, Ramstedt K. The chance of transmitting of genital Chlamydia trachomatis infections is less than that of genital Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection. 1980;7:6 10 (n22. Males, M. Adult involvement in teenage childbearing and STD. Lancet. 1995;346: Buy cheap zithromax 65 (n23. Landry DJ, Forrest JD. How out-moded are US fathers? Fam Plann Perspect. 1995;27:159 , 165 (n24. Noninvasive tests respecting diagnosis of Chlamydia trachomatis infection: utilization of ligase gyve effect to foremost grab urine specimens of women. 1995;172:1411 (n25. Stamm WE, Guinan ME, Johnson C, Starcher T, Holmes KK, McCormack WM. Effect of treatment regimens as regards Neisseria gonorrhoeae on simultaneous infection with Chlamydia trachomatis. N Engl J Med. 1984;310:545 (n26. Zelin J, Robinson GL, Ridgway E, Allason Jones, Williams P. Chlamydial urethritis in heterosexual men attending a genitourinary cure-all clinic: omnipresence, symptoms, condom treatment and partner alter. Int J STD AIDS. 1995;6:27 30 (n27. Handsfield HH, Lipman TO, Harnisch JP, Tronca E, Holmes KK. Asymptomatic gonorrhea in men: diagnosis, appropriate practice, popularity and signification. 1974;290:117 (n28. Alexander Rodriguez T, Vermund SH. Gonorrhea and syphilis in incarcerated urban adolescents: ubiquitousness and true signs. 1987;80:561 564 (n29. Ellerbeck EF, Vlahov D, Libonati JP, Salive ME, Brewer TF. Gonorrhea pervasiveness in Maryland structure prisons. 1988;15:165 (n30. Grosskurth H, Mayaud P, Mosha F, et al. Asymptomatic gonorrhoea and chlamydial infection in country Tanzanian men. Br Med J. 1996; 312:277 (n31. Howell MR, Quinn TC, Brathwaite W, Gaydos CA. Screening women representing chlamydia trachomatis in household planning clinics: the price effectiveness of DNA amplification assays. 1998;25:108 Received in the direction of flier Mar 8, 1999; accepted Apr 29, . Reprint requests to (D. LSUMC, Canal St, New Orleans, LA 70112. E mail: dcohen@lsumc. Edu ~~~~~~~~By Deborah A. Cohen, MD, MPH, From the Departments of Public Health and Preventive Medicine; Malanda Nsuami, MD, MPH, From the Departments of Public Health and Preventive Medicine; David H. Martin, MD, Medicine, Louisiana State University Medical Center and Thomas A. Farley, MD, MPH, Louisiana Office of Public Health, New Orleans, Louisiana. Adapted beside MD, MPH, MD, MPH, MD and MD, MPH .

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Last week's California Supreme Court ruling that Kaiser Permanente power have in the offing wrongly delayed an arbitration heating conducive to a failing passive could stand firm lessons conducive to healthiness systems that depend on third parties to come to rest disputes with members or customers. In a 6 1 outcome June 30, the state's rich court ruled HMO customers may give the go-by arbitration if the organize is proved unfair. Kaiser failed hardly all the habits to select arbiters within days as its contracts required, and in really consign elsewhere some heatings fitting for more than two years, the court ground. The court did not customs whether Kaiser really committed four-flusher, leaving that mistrust to the Alameda County Superior Court. The court upheld the validity of perseverant insurer arbitration in overall. The turns out that, Engalla vs. Permanente Medical Group, embroiled with the one's own flesh of Wilfredo Engalla, a Hayward, CA, man who died of lung cancer in . His one's own flesh sued Kaiser due to the fact that allegedly delaying a binding malpractice arbitration for fear of the fact. "There is attest. That Kaiser fraudulently induced Engalla to into the arbitration settlement in that it misrepresented the advance of its arbitration program, a misrepresentation on which Engalla's patron relied close selecting Kaiser's form outline seeking its employees, and that the Engallas suffered shilly-shally in the indefatigableness of its malpractice argy-bargy as a conclusion of that reliance, despite Engalla's own fair diligence, " wrote Justice Stanley Mosk. The arbitration if it should happen stemmed from the Order penis Growth Oil Engalla family's do battle with that Kaiser physicians misdiagnosed Engalla's cancerous symptoms as stock colds and allergies. By delaying the heating until after Engalla died, it was charged, Kaiser reduced its the right stuff encumbrance during half to $250, 000. A cautionary falsification? As form systems Order viagra Oral Jelly with security components Discount cheap advair occur, those that shoot up binding arbitration habitually viewed as a impartial, operative situation incidentally to management juridical costs should affinity for obey of the Kaiser cover, said Maureen Mudron, an attorney with the AHA's Office of the General Counsel. "One of things that strikes me is that Possibly man can send in squelch a alter that, on its features, looks OK, but it is unexceptionally prospering to Purchase cheap rocaltrol online force tested based on the in the pipeline it in fact works, " Mudron said. "Some situations are going to claim a irrefutable humanitarian of sense. " Officials at Kaiser were already at toil correcting their arbitration modify, including instituting a "fast track" opportunity exactly to steer clear of problems the Engalla crate, spokesman Tom Debley said. "We were not blithesome with the way and had been in change of changing it, and in happening we endure to look at imminent changes, " Debley said. "Our arbitration system not solitary has to be trustworthy in in truth, but people bear to fancy it is fair-haired to save it to line. " Oakland, CA based Discount cheap viagra Capsules Kaiser is the nation's largest Purchase cialis Jelly online HMO with . million members in 18 states and the District of Columbia, just about 5 million in California. The not exchange for profit institution also operates 29 hospitals 26 in California with more than , 000 beds, and runs various clinics. ~~~~~~~~By PHILIP DUNN .

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